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Since 2016 we have built a formidable reputation in the field of server management with expertise in core techinologies. Our Support scope formulates application based support and Management together. .

Our support engineers act very fast and effectively in the much needed situations. When an issue arises, you want help from technicians that understand you and have the knowledge to resolve issues quickly.

Performance servers with 99.9% availability

We offer fast managed remote desktop servers and virtual private servers, running on reliable hardware with RAID, no overloaded servers, in state-of-the-art data centers with fast and redundant internet connections. Quality hardware is what makes a real difference. When you think about it, having hardware that lasts longer and gives you less trouble is a win-win situation. The customer sees less downtime and issues, while the provider spends less time trying to fix issues and spending less money on new hardware. That is why all of our dedicated servers use only the best Supermicro motherboards, chassis, and power supplies; even our LSI raid cards are a product of Supermicro. As for hard drives, we don't skimp and use desktop drives like many do. You'll only find the best Western Digital Black drives that come with a five-year lifespan warranty.

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